Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Portrait or Two

Dear fellow photographers,

Here are some portraits I took this morning of my daughter, posted with her permission.  I sent them to her unedited but I could not resist the chance to have a bit of a play with them as well.

I finished my two Saturday photo course yesterday, had a great time and learnt about metering an bracketing and shooting in Manual mode and much more .. I have much to practice. The last photo above is the result of using spot metering to deliberately lighten the background. However, I will take my tutor's advice to strive to take a technically good photo first and leaving the added effects to post processing.
Learning the full mysteries of Photoshop will come later..much later, when I'm ready.

Have a good weekend everyone,



  1. Nice daughter! :-)
    You must have a good tutor - he seems to know his subject. My favourite was the first one. Very natural. Maybe a slight vignetting would have made her stand forth a bit. The blue in the two next ones was a bit distracting. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Rune. A bit of vignetting is a good idea. Ps The course teacher is a woman and yes she is good.