Wednesday, 14 August 2013

First light at the edge of the world

Dear photo enthusiasts,

I have been reading a book by photographer Richard I'Anson called Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography. Apparently this book is something of a classic and in it's fourth edition. I am finding it very clear and helpful about photography in general. I have been looking for a quote that I can't find so for the time being I will paraphrase it. He said something like "No one ever got a great sunrise shot by staying in bed".

So, dear reader, earlier in the week when I had a day off I set my alarm before dawn, dragged myself out of bed and drove to the coast to photograph the sunrise. I had bought my first wide angle lens, a 10-22mm 3.4-4.5 and wanted to try it out. I'd also bought a Hoya UV filter. I had my tripod with me.

I experimented with a variety of settings with varied success but the very best results were using HDR, a method where three consecutive images are shot at three different exposures. This works well for backlit scenes. Before you get too impressed I will admit that I'd found out that my camera has a setting that does this for me. Sweet!

One such shot..

But my favourite shot is this one, in Av, handheld, done with a panning motion when I saw the bird.

I hope you like!



  1. I Especially liked the reflections in the foreground in the second one. I see I must get up earlier in the morning :-)

  2. Rune the lightt is much softer in your part of the world :) BTW Thank you for putting me on your blog roll. I feel honored!
    The first shot is for my daughter, who said 'Did you get a shot with pinks and purples in it Mum?' That was the closest to it.