Friday, 16 August 2013

Morning Jog

Dear Readers,

I am still experimenting landscape photography and what lens to use and when to use it. Sometimes a look through the viewfinder is enough before any shot is taken. Sometimes is takes a comparison snap with one lens then the other to prove what a variety of books have told me, that a landscape with hills and a variety of foreground detail is better shot with a zoom lens. It compresses the hills rather than stretching them out. I like blue ridges and the blue colours. Much as I love sunrises and sunsets blue twilight is equally lovely.

Here is a beach shot done with my zoom lens which gives a more defined line to the hills and the jogger out for his morning exercise.

That is a pile of seaweed on the beach. The next tide will take it away.
I am submitting this to weekend reflections. See James's blog on my sidebar.

Happy Jogging,



  1. I love the shadow and light play in this image.

  2. I'm so glad I found your site. I am learning with you. Thanks.

    Gorgeous blue tones in this photo. It looks like a perfect place for a jog.

  3. Thank you all for stopping by!

  4. You landscapre experiences are so interesting... I like the blue light quality there is this picture ; it reflects so well the dawn ambiance...