Friday, 25 October 2013


High on a hill on the edge of the town there sits a Church that is no longer a church. No services, no spire, no cross high on the highest point. It sits between a freeway and a highway in the evening breezes, surrounded by the hum of power lines, the hum of traffic. Vibration goes through it and it sits, moving yet not moving and with it's faithful clutched to its bosom, waiting for That Day.

They say a lady in white walks the grounds, or that light sometimes shines in the graveyard at night. 
I do not know but there is Love and Faith but also Conflict and Loss and mostly a sense of something unfinished and unresolved, waiting. 


  1. A very special church; lost between to roads. I see that it quite old (1841), at least in Australian terms. There must be a history here - in fact, you are telling it. :-)

  2. Thank you Rune. Yes a lot of history, I went on a tour that night. It was the oldest High Anglican church in the area, decommissioned nearly 40 years ago, bit of a turbulent history, full of ghosts. The site was/is also important to the local aboriginals, before white man had anything to do with it.

  3. It is interesting to visit such place. Just sit there inside and close your eyes and imagine the activity that must have taken place here when this was an active church.