Saturday, 23 November 2013

To see the world in a grain of sand ..

In the midst of steamy weather, of rain and chill then heat again, I took this reflection in my bird bath when the sun came out.

close up

a bit of blue sky and balcony wall

the object revealed on top of my not very glamourous air conditioning unit

This was a lesson in opportunity. I went out looking for local reflections after the rain, sky in a puddle maybe? Shoppers against a newly built shopping centre wall of glass? No, something always happened to ruin the shot, a screeching car full of teenagers, shoppers standing in just the wrong spot, wind and rain. Frustrating! So I thought I would share what I had available to me..for a Weekend Reflection

Happy weekend


  1. Great reflection in a bird bad... well done...

    Happy weekend to you too...

  2. An interesting reflection.

  3. Thanks guys. I went out today and got some far better shots, but I will save them for next weekend's reflection.

  4. First picture looks like a galaxy... Stunning piece, well photographied !

  5. An interesting little story in three stages. The close-up won with me - gave room for speculation.

  6. Ha! We find those reflections where we least expect them. :-) Nice.
    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. I think we'll put railings on part of the porch and leave part open.

  7. Beautiful....the first one looks like a view of the cosmos!