Friday, 27 December 2013

Aussie Beach Day

Hi People,

Have you had a good Christmas? There is still New Year's to go :)   Yesterday some friends said 'Do you want to go to the beach?' The invitation spread and before we knew it three carloads of people were coming. I took these shots to show you what I love about this piece of coast. A place to throw off the city and just be. Off the tourist track, you'd miss the road if you didn't know it was there. The sun is warm, the air is warm. The sea is just cool enough to be refreshing but not cold at all. People bring picnic blankets, folding chairs, little sun tents, children, dogs and eskies (translation - chilly bins or thermal cooler boxes) of food, or just buy roast chicken and salad on the way and camp out in the shade like we did. Relax and just watch the sea. Eat a bit, swim a bit, go for a walk, fish from the rocks then relax for a while then do it all again as the day fades then pack up and go home. That's an Australian beach day.

Have a happy weekend,


  1. What a super place, Val, and a perfect description of an Australian summer's day!

  2. You do some good advertising . I feel the need for one of those now :-).

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Rune. Happy New Year buddy.

  3. Sounds rather like my kind of day....xo

  4. Hi Valerie, Val here in Holland! Your beaches look delicious. How I'd love to walk and 'be' there, and in fact your beach day sounds pretty good to me. I'd want to go exploring those rocks for pools and the small creatures that live in them. I lived in South Africa for twenty years and miss the southern hemisphere summers. Thanks for visiting and I hope we can stay in touch!

  5. PS I love your header photo! Where is that? Any chance of a livaboard boat there? :-)))

  6. Hi Val P. The header was taken at Wollongong, a beach side city south of Sydney..I am no expert on living on boats, unfortunately!