Friday, 6 December 2013

Edible Reflections

Dear Photo bloggers,

Life is a series of small decisions for most of us. Some people live large and lead revolutions or make decisions that set in motion a series of events that affect many. The whole world knows them.

My life is smaller than that. The only global thing I want to do, ever wanted to do, is to see the whole world. I am setting in motion a series of small decisions that will get me traveling again, camera (of course) in hand. For someone who was born with inherently itchy feet I am a shy person, an observer, anonymous in the crowd. I have never asked a stranger if I can take their photograph. But I will, eventually.  The day before yesterday I did ask a shop owner if I could photograph his cakes and their mirrored reflections.

He owner came out from behind his counter and hovered at my elbow the whole time so I kept it quick.

I don't know what he thought I would do, jump up and run off with the piece of cheesecake I had ordered?

I thanked  him and ate it on the way home.



  1. Yum! Nicely spotted and captured reflections! I look forward to seeing photos from your future travels.

    You could have been describing me when you described yourself (itchy feet,shy,anonymous observer and I've only once asked a stranger is I could take his picture). :-)

  2. Hi Val, you are doing some great photos with reflections these days. So funny about the guy in the shop, but it does seem the polite thing to ask first before using the camera, especially if it is going to be obvious :)

  3. Thanks James..kinded spirits hey..
    Patricia, yes it is good manners but there is also the very curly legal issue of consent, especially in the workplace, on someone's property, most government property, airports. The list goes on and on.

  4. At least the guy couldn't stop you from getting some nice shot of his delicious cakes.
    And if ever your itchy feet gets you to these parts, be sure to let me know :-)

  5. Oh my... You shouldn't do that, yummy reflection, it is not fair for people trying to loose weight ! ^^

    Nice reflections indeed, though.

  6. Wonderful cakes! That rich ...!