Sunday, 8 December 2013

Summer in The City

It's a warm Sunday in the city. Half the population has gone to the beach. The workday hustle and bustle has silenced. What to do? Skateboarding in Martin Place..

Go shopping?

No, let's catch a ferry to the north shore..

Past people doing the Bridge Climb

See those little figures?

It seems like every weekend now there is an ocean liner berthed at the Quay (to the right of the Opera House)

But for a few dollars there is the simple pleasure of the warm air and the sea..

A different part of the city to explore, a charity concert and a hazy sunset ride back.

That little island is Fort Denison, built to defend Sydney from invasion by sea..

A much larger ferry bringing tourists back from Manly beach.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of summer..



  1. Did I read the word SUMMER! Sigh.
    Sydney seems to be the place to be, but I would find it difficult to combine a Christmas-tree and blazing heat :-)

    1. I understand that Rune! I am looking forward to Christmas in the snow shots from northern hemisphere bloggers ;)

  2. I'm enjoying the cold and snow too much to be ready for summer but I did enjoy seeing your wondeful photos. :-)