Friday, 24 January 2014

Moonlight & Dolphins


In my previous post I wrote about an old jetty down the coast, but that was only one reason why I went there last week. I went to view the moonrise and take some photos. One, with girl and dog was in my previous post. Here are more a couple with moonlight reflections.

The moon reflected in a tidal pool.

Mirror, mirror.

Then, would you believe it a trio of dolphins swam past. I even heard them calling to each other. I ran up the beach to get some shots. This one in full leap is my favourite.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

The old jetty and moonrise

I had the day off mid week. I went to the dentist. I came home and washed windows and curtains, because I knew they would dry in the heat. In the afternoon I went for a drive down my favourite stretch of coast, to a place I had not explored closely before. Below a lookout you can glimpse the remains of a jetty built in the late 1800's to transport coal from the train to ocean vessels.

I have researched the history of the Coaldale Jetty, as it was called then.. In the late 1800's a coalmine was built in Coledale. Coal was big business here and the nearby mine was very busy but it was plagued by trouble - water in the mines, landslides, the large coal ships being buffeted by winds and set adrift. The mine was closed the reopened with a new name as North Bulli Coalmine, but eventually closed again.

Then the jetty was no longer used, left to rot and in 1915 someone burnt it down. The place has an eery ambience to it ... which is what led to my research. I wanted to find out what happened there. There is a nearby camping site, full of relaxation and joy but around the scarp, between these stumps of concrete and rock, the mournful history blows on the wind.

But it is a great place for photos and I knew the moon would rise somewhere over the ocean..

I was looking everywhere but where the moon rose and I almost missed it. 

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Happy weekend,


Friday, 10 January 2014

Blue reflections in a glass

A warm day, an afternoon glass of wine with a few ice cubes in it to keep it from getting too warm. A chance to sit down on the back verandah and look at my daughter's jungle garden. Then I noticed a blue reflection in my glass and took this photo one handed.

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Friday, 3 January 2014


Dear People,

I think most people who become enamored of photography do so because we already see the colors, the details and the drama in everyday things and try to capture them. Or we walk around minding our own business and something rings a bell in the brain that says 'photo opportunity'.

Then sometimes we go around looking for Weekend Reflections and see the beauty of a quiet office building a few blocks from home for the first time. It also just happens to be opposite the best handmade pasta shop in town.

Have a happy weekend,