Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sand and Freedom

I haven't had much spare time recently for a number of reasons, so when I unexpectedly had a sunny afternoon to myself I headed to my favourite place to exercise my body and ease my soul.

Look at that sky.  Yes I went in the sea, the water is still nice, a match for those tropical clouds.
Meanwhile, what was that at the end of the beach? A prehistoric looking earth mover cleaning sand out of the sea pool.

The bigger lap pool has seaweed at the bottom and shiny darting fish that surprised me the first time I saw them. I normally don't keep my head under the water much but I have been trying to swim properly wearing a cap and goggles and using proper breathing technique. It's a work in progress..

When the earth mover was finished and the incoming tide was slowly filling the children's pool, the local children had something new and wonderful to play with! There was this big pile of sand to climb on in their hour of after school freedom. They were scampering about with such joy.

I noticed this reflection when I took a walk to the next headland and couldn't pass up the chance to capture it. I love this place.

I'll be linking to Weekend Reflections.



  1. Lovely images of the sky, the sand and the reflections. I also love the one of the digger in the distance. Beautiful contrasts, Val!

  2. I have never seen a sand pool dug out specially for children - what a neat idea! Love the clouds in the first shot, and reflection; all great pics Val.

  3. Nice to see that the needs of the children are well taken care of. And I suppose the pool is free of those nasty sharks we hear so much about here in Europe :-)
    Oh, well, back to the rain ...

    1. I have never seen sharks except in the aquarium. I hope it stays that way :)

  4. What a awesome beach day ! And the last pic is stunning...

  5. Love the cotton clouds and how they are reflected on the final photo. Gorgeous and just lovely!