Sunday, 11 May 2014

Learning to do street photography

Hi all,

Yesterday afternoon I went to my first Meetup with the Sydney Street Photographers group. Just imagine about 70 avid amateur photographers on the loose in the streets of one of our multicultural suburbs. I learnt some handy hints and met some great people and went a long way to overcoming my shyness when it comes to asking total strangers if they minded me taking their photograph. It was much easier with the moral support of others doing the same thing.

I have also been learning how to watermark my photos. I will get better at it. Meanwhile, here are some of my shots of the streets of Fairfield in western Sydney.

I will definitely be doing more..there are other suburbs in this city where you truly would not know you are in Australia. We are a melting pot.

Edit: I went back and figured out how to make the watermark less obtrusive on the last shot. I resisted doing watermarks for a long, long time but unfortunately in todays world, they are needed. i made it opaque to 70% and angled it to fit it in. I'll be using this method from now on.

Happy photography,


  1. Wow, Val, these photos are amazing, and the watermark impressive! Love the colourful market shots, and I think my favourite is the woman and child from behind, with the painted wall. Beautifully composed. Well done you!

  2. Thank you Patricia. I will be watermarking from now on because unfortunately anyone with a bit of know how can lift images from anywhere. I'm just working on making them more unobtrusive but central to the images.
    p.s. Photography meetups are great fun, I will be going to more!