Friday, 30 May 2014

Medieval Reflections

The weekend before last my daughter and I went to a Medieval Fair that was held in her suburb and I took this charming behind-the-scenes-picture.

There will be more in my next post because it was a great day with lots to see.

I have been experimenting with putting a watermark on my photos because I have found that you cannot outsmart internet theives. If someone really wants to lift your picture, they will.

I suppose it is a compliment in a way, but isn't it better to develop your own creativity?

Anyway, have a good weekend,



  1. Medieval Fairs are great fun - there is one every year north of Brisbane. Does the watermark prevent your pictures from appearing on Google images? I was a bit disturbed to discover a picture of our grandson in a random google search.

  2. No nothing appears to stop any image you put up appearing on google. It's scary. The watermark really only prevents someone else claiming their picture as their own unless they go to the trouble of recropping layering and what have you. I would have to ruin my own picture by putting the watermark across the subject and I am not willing to do that.

  3. great reflection. I like how the lady is playing with a baby.

  4. Medieval fairs are so rich for taking cool pictures... Nice choice of subject !

  5. Wonderful moment behind-the-scenes... nicely done...

  6. Re-enactment is very popular here to, and one og my daughters has been very engaged in medieval re-enactment for years. It seems you have caught the spirit very well.

    PS With a watermark, the thieves at least know that they are thieving :-)

  7. Looks like a nice day and a fun time! Good shot!