Friday, 2 May 2014

Up side down world - Reflections in the river

There is a regional art gallery near where I live that is situated in an old powerhouse by the river. I drop in now and then when I hear of an interesting exhibition. I was there a few days ago and the exhibition was good but river reflections in the late afternoon also caught my eye.

This is a polluted city. So many people are crammed in one place and the river is not what is was. I grew up here, went away, came back again and I remember willow trees and fast moving water. 
I don't know why industrial greed and human consumerism takes precedence over this earth of ours, but my camera still sees beauty in the reflections.

I've linked this to Weekend Reflections

Have a good weekend,


  1. It is sad to see waterways spoiled but these reflections are good.

  2. Easy to get lost in these reflections. Nicely done.

  3. There is always beauty amongst the ugliness of the world. Wonderful reflections.

  4. Thanks everyone. It's good to get positive feedback about my images ..