Friday, 19 September 2014

Cat's Cradle

When we were children, my brother and I used to play a game called Cat's Cradle on rainy days (pre ipod, computer games or mobile phones). A piece of string was tied in a loop and held with the outstretched fingers by one person while the other person made patterns with the string. The string-pattern went form hands to hands until something slipped and you got a tangled mess like the cat had been playing with it..then you started again. We loved it.

If you were good at it, the patterns could look something like this.

Or this.

What on earth is it?  The view up the centre of one of these..

Have a good weekend everybody. Seize the day and treasure it.



  1. I wish I could remember more than the first 3 moves

  2. I remeber those strings, and your comparison with the "monster masts" was a very good one :-)

  3. Great perspective. I remember that game but was never very good at it.

  4. Brilliant pictures, Val, and so imaginative. I remember cat's cradle, but doubt that I ever mastered it!

  5. I remember it too Valerie, such a shame kids today aren't interested unless whatever they're playing with has a battery :) Brilliant use of the electricity pylons to demonstrate, tres clever!