Friday, 14 November 2014


Each year Sydney has an open air art exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea link to website.  This year I managed to see it for the first time and do the coastal walk on the late afternoon of the last day. Even so, the crowds were considerable at this increasingly popular event. I walked from Bronte to the headland near Bondi. This is a popular walking/jogging trail for the 'beautiful people' who can afford to live along this expensive part of Sydney and I know they are glad to get their walk back when the exhibition is dismantled.

It was a glorious afternoon, sunny but not too hot. Many of the sculptures are interactive, you can climb in on or walk through them. People had a lot of fun with this mirrored crate.

Next year I will try to get there at daybreak for some better shots.  The photos in the link are much better than mine ;)

The sculptures are different each year but they are always thought provoking.

Have a happy weekend as we charge toward the party season,



  1. It is a great event, Valerie. We went last year and I really enjoyed it, the setting being quite wonderful to showcase the art. Love the reflective cube, which in reality must be fantastic, reflecting the sea.

  2. a lovely event. and i think your photos are wonderful.

  3. This is so cool, I love interactive art like this, we need lots more of this in our world


  4. The selfie you took with that mirror funny mirror refelction is so great, Valerie... I love it !

  5. Thanks everybody.
    Tsuki - Kim Kardashian had better watch out!

  6. Would love to see this in person - thanks for sharing!
    Smiling at your comment to Tsuki!

  7. What fun! These photos are great and I'm sure next year's photos will be equally as good.

  8. I can truly say that I've naver seen anything quite like this :-)