Friday, 30 January 2015

Seaside Markets

Last Sunday, when the air was warm and the sea was welcoming, I drove down the coast to my favourite markets, held by the sea once a month. I knew it would be a good photo opportunity. In fact I love these markets with or without the camera for the home made or unusual products, the hippie vibe of the people and the most picturesque of settings.

I also found an unexpected reflection.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere deep in snow, I share with you some Aussie sunshine..
xx Val

Friday, 23 January 2015


Sometimes, in regards to my photography I realized I've moved forward. A night shot I took a year ago from this same lookout no longer exists because I deleted it, it was so bad. This one is better but perfect - but nevertheless not one to be ashamed of.

I am a fan of the photographer Steve McCurry, famous for his 'Afghan Girl' link Check out his blog on my sidebar if you like, his photography of people in faraway places is inspiring.

He is known for not giving specifics of his settings for photos because he said you have to figure it out for yourself, it's all about the situation of any given time and the available light. Ah, that's the challenge - understanding all the components that are really how the camera sees the light.

Have a good weekend and if you are in Australia, have a good Australia Day. Like our song says, we do have 'beauty rich and rare'.


Thursday, 1 January 2015

After the party ..

After the parties of the festive season, I agreed to house & dog sit for my daughter and her boyfriend while they have a few days of relaxation up the coast.

To their credit they left a spotless house and luckily I felt exactly in the mood for some peace and quiet. Their giant hound loves me and doesn't talk much, he sings to greet me though ;)

A few objects in the back yard - vinegar has many uses, including cleaning of grill plates on the bbq. Here in Australia some people even use beer.. I of course immediately thought 'reflection!'

There's also the beginnings of a tropical jungle.

Happy New Year,