Friday, 27 March 2015

Summer's Gone

Dear readers,

Summer is gone. Even though some of the days are still warm, the air has a cooler edge.
Rain clouds roll down from the escarpment. Storm clouds gather, the beaches empty and it's even too windy for the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

I know I've had my last ocean swim for a while, but in a way I am looking forward to winter. I hope we have a real one instead of the half hearted effort we had last year.

Happy spring to my friends in the northern hemisphere from the land down under,



  1. It's always strange to think that on the other side of the world , you have the opposite weather ..We're slowly entering spring .The cuckatoos are cute !

    1. Thanks Malyss. It felt even stranger a couple of years ago when I was flying back and forward.. The cockatoos are cute but you should hear them screech! Loud and noisy!

  2. It does look like there is a chill in the air, Val. Funny old cockys - we have them here most days too. They are the clowns of the bird world. Hope that cold comes up here, pronto!

  3. We'll swap you. Send us some nice warm weather and we'll send down a cold blast.

  4. I sometimes forget about the "other" hemisphere and was wondering why you were talking about the end of summer. ;-)
    Hope you get some cooler days coming up. Love those birds!

  5. I'm more than happy to see the end of summer Val, roll on winter :)

  6. It looks like you are getting the rain and fog that we have had plenty of. If only we could have that sun and warmth :-)

  7. Those two birds look like they are having one heck of a conversation!