Saturday, 25 April 2015

Anzac Day

Yesterday, for the first time I went to the Anzac Day parade that is held in Sydney. See more about the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and the history of the battle of Gallipoli here

It is our day as Australians that we remember those who fought and died in all war but especially World War one during the foundation days of Australia's history.

I think it is good that we remember the horror of war in order to pray for world war to never happen again. They did a survey here and if - God forbid - a situation where we were collectively called to fight occurred - one in four would go and fight.

I would be willing to go. I would be in a mobile hospital tent helping to stitch up those that had fought. It is a scenario that doesn't bear thinking about which is why I with no drop of 'Australian' ancestry write

Lest We Forget

Friday, 10 April 2015

Photograph with intent

A photographer who is more experienced than I recently told me to 'photograph with intent'. Good advice, but last Monday I set out on a bike ride and did not intend to photograph anything at all, just get some exercise and burn off some Easter calories. No camera was in my backpack, but I did have my mobile phone.

I set off on a well worn route to the local lakes. It's a track I had ridden often but never so early in the morning and it was such a lovely morning after a cool and rainy night. Fog was rising along the river and cobwebs were adorning the trees with glittering dew like jewels. I took these shots with my mobile phone and wished of course, that I had a 'real' camera..

I shot this while I was sitting on a timber bridge having fruit and water for breakfast, then turned around and cycled home feeling quite sweaty and virtuous.

The next time when the conditions are right I'll take the camera and hope for perfect light and crystal cobwebs. In the meantime I guess I'll link to James' Weekend Reflections   :)

Have a good weekend,

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Street Life

Several posts ago I said I was moving away from reflections and concentrating on other things, which is true.. one of those things is street photography, the art of taking sneaky shots of life in action on the street.

Last weekend I went to a meetup with my photogroup. We met up in the centre of Sydney and the brief was to photograph geometric shapes. There were plenty, both in the surroundings and the architecture.

Then of course I was distracted by a skater.

But most of all I could not pass up this triple reflection, in an optometrists shop window.

Edited to add:  My new header was also taken on the same day and is a fancy bus shelter in central Sydney - the fanciest one I know of. Does anyone know of an existing blog that does a bus shelter meme?

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter to you,