Friday, 22 May 2015

You are on Level 5

I believe all photographers love the visual aspect of life. Looking at life and seeing things then looking again and seeing more than we thought was there. Have you ever gone out and just looked for things to photograph that are -for example- 'a triangle' or 'red'? I do this through my photography meetup group, but due to James I can't stop being fascinated by reflections!

This was taken on the escalator going down from Level 5, the food and restaurant floor of the Westfields on Pitt Street Sydney. This centre is full of designer shops and is quite luxurious as you can see. The dim lighting and soft ambience of the eateries leads down to the brightly lit hubub of the stores.

Have a good weekend,


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Storm Cell

A few weeks go Sydney had an amazing storm that happened mid afternoon and battered much of the city with torrential rain and large hail stones. It approached from the south and went past my place. I have a rooftop apartment and managed to snap these photos just before the rain hit and turned day into darkness.

 The storm charged through then it was sunny again. That's Australia - land of extremes. Now I'm waiting for our little bit of winter..

Have a good week,

p.s. I am broadening my horizons and linking to Sky Watch Friday for the first time.
Go and see some skies from around the world!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Organic Tea Tasting

Hi everyone,

This was taken a couple of months ago at the tail end of summer. I was on my way through Martin Place which is the closest thing Sydney has to a European style square and I saw this appealing sign and summery reflections on the windows inside the shop. No I didn't stop for tea but I am drinking tea now to make up for it!

Enjoy your weekend,