Friday, 31 July 2015

Hill End NSW


In my previous post I showed you photos from my country weekend to the Bathurst region and the old gold rush town of Sofala. This post is devoted to Hill End which is nearby. We went there the same afternoon. Hill End is well preserved and possibly a bit more touristy than Sofala but the spooky feeling of never quite being alone pervades just as much.

There are plaques in front of the major buildings, all of which have been filmed and painted by artists, nowadays frequented by tourist,s a few grumpy locals and kangaroos.

This buildings featured in a painting by Russell Drysdale. See some of his works here 

The store was open. I am still regretting not going in for a look but I'll be back, hopefully in a few months time..

Here in Australia we talk about having 'kangaroos loose in the top paddock' but I have never seen them in a churchyard before.

I don't know what this was. Maybe a well? 

This is the local 'pottery barn'..but we couldn't find anybody!

The post office was as quaint as the rest of the town, so was the Police Station.

With that I'll leave you and go back to the modern world.
Have a good weekend,


  1. Nice shots! I love exploring places like this.

    1. Thanks James. Yes, it was fascinating.

  2. Wonderful to see it all, Val, in your great photos. And there is Drysdale's hotel! Just like in our old print of The Cricketers! Now I want to go there too :)

    1. Thanks Patricia. I think you'd l love it!

  3. Kangaroos in the church yard - what next? :-)
    Amazing place.