Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mirrors on the Ceiling

Hi everyone, I am getting in early with my reflection post because later today I will be on a plane to Europe. I am flying out with my daughter for a holiday and we are both so excited, but here I am playing with photos. I will also take a few over there, in London and Paris and Barcelona ;))

Anyway yesterday I was in the city to do some last minute things and I walked past a building I have often admired for its innovative design, Sydney's Central Park Tower/Jean Nouvel but this was the first time I went inside for a good look around.

I only had my iPhone, but thank goodness for it! The place is full of mad reflections and open spaces and greenery inside and out and it's real!

Mirrors above the entrance to the building that give a pixelated effect.

Still looking up.

Still in the entrance but looking out not up.

From the first floor of the shopping/eating section that goes for three floors..

 I waited for a red car to go by and got two!

Greenery and mirrors. The plants are all real and maintained by a team of gardeners.

Looking up from inside the shopping section, through a glass roof that perpetually has water running over it to another mirrored style feature that continues the design. 

It's quite something.

I'll be linking to James' Weekend Reflections.

I'm off to Europe!