Sunday, 27 September 2015

London Wrap Up

I love travelling. When I was deciding on a career I wanted to be an air hostess but I didn't meet the height requirement. I thought about being a travel agent but  I wanted to travel not book holidays for someone else. I moved states, came back, did other things but the urge to explore has never left me.

I am glad to read blogs from other parts of the world. It gives me a window. This is a London wrap up post from last month's travels and soon I will be posting about my corner of the world where the days are warming up and it's almost summer.

One of my favourite bits of London - Kensington Palace

The gorgeous gardens

Spot the sunbather..

We were staying not far from Trafalgar Square

See the summer crowds? 

They were having a Jamaican music festival. This was taken from the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. I went in to see a Audrey Hepburn photographic exhibition, and also 
Vincent van Goh's sunflowers.  It's wonderful. It simply glows from across the room.

Next time, Sydney and a post about what I've been doing..

Happy snapping,


Thursday, 24 September 2015

More London and a cabinet of curiosities

I did tell you that I took a lot of photos in London. Not that I am a 'snap everything' kind of photographer. But there is so much to photograph in London..

My daughter had not been to the Tower of London and I had never walked across the
Tower Bridge.

That's me in black..

Hey there's the Shard again - as seen from the bridge

The famous citadel that used to protect London is definitely worth a visit

Afterwards we had lunch in a cute London pub and on the way we saw this sign..

I have no idea what it means! Edit:  According to this site a firkin is not a rude word but 'a daily tap of cask aged beer'. Good to know ;  I'm still baffled by the 'yolk, poke, smoke' thing thoughhehe

Lastly a photo of a cabinet full of interesting things in an antique/bric-a-brac store in Maltby Markets. (see previous two London posts)

Have a good week,


Saturday, 19 September 2015

London - The Shard

London, part two.

While I was in London last month, getting over the long long flight from Australia and trying to stay awake through jet lag I took the opportunity to visit The Shard.

It was still being built in 2011 when I was a frequent visitor to London's sights. I had to go go up now it was finished! The cost was more expensive than I expected View from the Shard info but seeing I'd just flown in a circle around half the earth I paid and up I went. The great thing is you are allowed to take photographs. It occurred to me later that it would have been also be quite something at night..

There are other towers of glass nearby. Photographed going up the escalator after exiting The Shard

Amazing architecture - from within

A couple engrossed in looking at the pointy bit

The views are spectacular

I like the shard, the space age jaggedness of it and the fact that the top of it looks a bit like the prongs that hold Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings trilogy..

More London pics to come. I took more than I thought!
Have a good week,

Monday, 14 September 2015

London series: Maltby Market


When I started to sort out a few photos for one 'London' post from my recent travels, there were just too many. I love London. It's one of those things I had never expected to happen, as love sometimes is..but I loved London when I first heard a bunch of punks whining about their boyfriends on the train from Heathrow..this is ten years ago..and I loved their get ups from the doc martens to the green bottle brush hair. In all my trips (many in 2011 when I was living in Oxford) London has evolved and remains a city I love to explore.

This time, playing tourist in high summer with all the crowds was an eye opener and even though I loved the energy and the holiday atmosphere I prefer the grey drizzly London I was used to that isn't quite so frantic. I'll show you crowds in my next post but I wan't to start off with the Maltby markets. They are not far from the better known and bigger Borough Market which goes the week through. Malty Market is a Saturday morning neighbourhood market to grab some gourmet food, some bric a brac for the home or just eat something exotic.

 Or in my case, snap some photos..

Hipsters  love these markets, just like they do in Sydney..

I'll be linking to Weekend Reflections. In the meantime have a good week,

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More Barcelona Reflections

Here are couple more Barcelona reflections.

Head in the clouds..

Sunset reflections in the rain

Passieg de Gracia

Ok, I guess it's time to move on from Barcelona. Some London pics in the next post!


Friday, 4 September 2015

Barcelona Reflections

Oh my! I haven't posted here for such a long time but I do have the best of excuses. Last month DD and I went travelling. London-Paris-Barcelona. Much as I love there first two cities Barcelona was the highlight for both of us. Time did a strange thing where it sped by far too quickly and we both wished we had booked a few extra days to keep exploring and just soaking it all in.

One of the marvellous things we did was a dusk tour of La Pedrera, a property designed by Antonio Gaudi. more about him here I admit to not knowing much about him before. I thought he was just an eccentric who liked to design lumpy buildings. The truth is, his designs are ingenious, eco friendly, people friendly and amazing from the inside as well.

The Exterior

The doors are amazing. The whole building was inspired by the sea

Reflections of the street

The inside has an atrium and rain falls in to water the plants. This is some of the original paint on the walls that has not washed off.

Ventilation chambers near the roof to keep the building cool

The rooftop itself is a fantasy land of turrets and vents.

Passieg de Gracia at sunset.

We did not get to his most famous building La Sagrada Famiglia. It just means I will have to go back sometime..

Forever with itchy feet,