Friday, 4 September 2015

Barcelona Reflections

Oh my! I haven't posted here for such a long time but I do have the best of excuses. Last month DD and I went travelling. London-Paris-Barcelona. Much as I love there first two cities Barcelona was the highlight for both of us. Time did a strange thing where it sped by far too quickly and we both wished we had booked a few extra days to keep exploring and just soaking it all in.

One of the marvellous things we did was a dusk tour of La Pedrera, a property designed by Antonio Gaudi. more about him here I admit to not knowing much about him before. I thought he was just an eccentric who liked to design lumpy buildings. The truth is, his designs are ingenious, eco friendly, people friendly and amazing from the inside as well.

The Exterior

The doors are amazing. The whole building was inspired by the sea

Reflections of the street

The inside has an atrium and rain falls in to water the plants. This is some of the original paint on the walls that has not washed off.

Ventilation chambers near the roof to keep the building cool

The rooftop itself is a fantasy land of turrets and vents.

Passieg de Gracia at sunset.

We did not get to his most famous building La Sagrada Famiglia. It just means I will have to go back sometime..

Forever with itchy feet,



  1. Oh, it is sooooo beautiful Val. I love those sea-doors!

  2. Wow what a great trip. I agree with time not enough in Barcelona. It was the same with us. We did the Pedrera too. I was impressed with an underground car park when cars had only just been invented. He was way ahead of his time.

  3. sounds as though you had a great time. Time to plan the next trip

  4. Barcelona is a fantastic city and Gaudi was jiur a genius - as you have shown so well here. Glad you enjoyed Europe!