Monday, 14 September 2015

London series: Maltby Market


When I started to sort out a few photos for one 'London' post from my recent travels, there were just too many. I love London. It's one of those things I had never expected to happen, as love sometimes is..but I loved London when I first heard a bunch of punks whining about their boyfriends on the train from Heathrow..this is ten years ago..and I loved their get ups from the doc martens to the green bottle brush hair. In all my trips (many in 2011 when I was living in Oxford) London has evolved and remains a city I love to explore.

This time, playing tourist in high summer with all the crowds was an eye opener and even though I loved the energy and the holiday atmosphere I prefer the grey drizzly London I was used to that isn't quite so frantic. I'll show you crowds in my next post but I wan't to start off with the Maltby markets. They are not far from the better known and bigger Borough Market which goes the week through. Malty Market is a Saturday morning neighbourhood market to grab some gourmet food, some bric a brac for the home or just eat something exotic.

 Or in my case, snap some photos..

Hipsters  love these markets, just like they do in Sydney..

I'll be linking to Weekend Reflections. In the meantime have a good week,


  1. I love markets, and this looks like great fun. I'm sure it would remind me of the Bargain Hunt program I used to watch on TV. Funny how hipsters are so hip - I married one years ago, he he

  2. I frequent both of these markets regularly

  3. Markets are fun anywhere in the world but there is something special about London.

  4. Thanks guys.
    Patricia you are lucky to have your own 'hipster'.
    Mo.. lucky you!
    diane b That's true but Sydney has some great ones too. I must revisit some!

  5. Super market scenes Valerie, the hipster population is growing in Perth also :)

  6. I lived for three years in a "grey drizzly" village 70 miles northeast of London as a boy. It was lovely even if also a tad parochial.

  7. The markets in London are never dull. If you can't find anything to by, there is always something to see (and photograph)!