Sunday, 27 September 2015

London Wrap Up

I love travelling. When I was deciding on a career I wanted to be an air hostess but I didn't meet the height requirement. I thought about being a travel agent but  I wanted to travel not book holidays for someone else. I moved states, came back, did other things but the urge to explore has never left me.

I am glad to read blogs from other parts of the world. It gives me a window. This is a London wrap up post from last month's travels and soon I will be posting about my corner of the world where the days are warming up and it's almost summer.

One of my favourite bits of London - Kensington Palace

The gorgeous gardens

Spot the sunbather..

We were staying not far from Trafalgar Square

See the summer crowds? 

They were having a Jamaican music festival. This was taken from the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. I went in to see a Audrey Hepburn photographic exhibition, and also 
Vincent van Goh's sunflowers.  It's wonderful. It simply glows from across the room.

Next time, Sydney and a post about what I've been doing..

Happy snapping,



  1. It is nice to have a peek into the Kensington Palace gardens, and they really are gorgeous. Makes you think of Diana. Trafalgar Square always seems like the centre of London to me, and it looks like the summer crowds feel the same. The Audrey Hepburn exhibition sounds lovely, and what's not to love about those Sunflowers :))

  2. There certainly was a lot going on while you were there.

  3. London is a marvellous place to stay, and there is always something new to discover. And I enjoy travelling too.