Thursday, 24 September 2015

More London and a cabinet of curiosities

I did tell you that I took a lot of photos in London. Not that I am a 'snap everything' kind of photographer. But there is so much to photograph in London..

My daughter had not been to the Tower of London and I had never walked across the
Tower Bridge.

That's me in black..

Hey there's the Shard again - as seen from the bridge

The famous citadel that used to protect London is definitely worth a visit

Afterwards we had lunch in a cute London pub and on the way we saw this sign..

I have no idea what it means! Edit:  According to this site a firkin is not a rude word but 'a daily tap of cask aged beer'. Good to know ;  I'm still baffled by the 'yolk, poke, smoke' thing thoughhehe

Lastly a photo of a cabinet full of interesting things in an antique/bric-a-brac store in Maltby Markets. (see previous two London posts)

Have a good week,



  1. Most people wanted to avoid the Tower of London. Now people can't wait to visit. Go figure! :-)

    1. The spikes where they hung the heads, the dungeons..I guess we are all engrossed in the history..

  2. You are so right, there is so much to see in London. I like the tower bridge shot.

  3. Did you know that your email address for this site is not correct. I keep getting a bounce back message that the email notification of my message could not be delivered.

    1. Thanls diane. I've fixed the glitch.

  4. Oh, I'd love to go to London!

  5. Looks like you had a great time