Sunday, 25 October 2015

Some close ups of an interesting subject

In my previous post I featured an abandoned car that I had discovered while cycling. The area is part of a railway access road, it also is a road used by locals to get to one of the sports fields where people play soccer. It is used by others including myself as a shortcut that links cycling paths between two suburbs. What I am saying is that it is not as isolated as it looks, just a bend in a creek and a railway bridge. We all know the camera can lie a little  ;)

Anyway Rune of Visual Norway suggested I go back and take some close ups, so I went back to get some in the late afternoon light. Here they are.

Do you like extreme closeups - closer than this - where it is hard to tell what the original object is?
Any thoughts?


Thursday, 22 October 2015


There is a car abandoned at the end of the line. Not only abandoned but reduced to a skeleton and torched. Theft? Youthful high jinks? Insurance claim? Who knows..

Have good weekend,

I am linking to James' great meme Weekend Reflections


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sea Creatures

I love the sea. In particular I love 'my' bit of coastline that hugs the wondrous sea. Over the weekend just gone we had five unseasonably warm days of summer heat and a public holiday had myself and many others going to the beach to bathe in the sea. I took some photos on the way home.

I was lucky not to have been stung by this critter, the Bluebottle jellyfish. It has a very painful sting. By the way, it's proper name is the Indo-Pacific Portugese Man-O-War of the species Physalia utriculus.  

I also did not know that warm water is said to be a good remedy.

Any Aussie kid who grows up near the coast knows about bluebottles and to avoid them and not  even touch the supposedly dead ones. I have been stung while swimming and I can tell you it's not an experience easily forgotten. If  see them in the water I get out!

Common cures for the sting include rubbing sand on them, applying vinegar, urinating on them - never tried that one (!)  but apparently hot water as long as it is above body temperature and not unbearably hot works best according to the NSW Ambulance Association  To Pee or Not to Pee article, Daily Telegraph 
Don't say my blog never teaches you anything! I think I'd rather pour the last dregs of warm coffee on the sting :)) than use pee.

Seagulls leave dance steps on the beach in the fading light.

Time for all good critters to go home...

Happy photography,


Friday, 2 October 2015

Window to the Sky

I used to work on Broadway.

No I am not a singer/dancer haha. On Broadway in Sydney. South of the city opposite Sydney University there still stands a landmark - the beautiful 'Grace Brothers building. Some time ago Grace Brothers was sold and rebranded as Myers. The lovely facade of this once grand department store building remains, even though the inside is now a rabbit warren of stores and cosmetic clinics and fitness centres - all the usual hubbub of modern life. Nearby is a genius hairdresser, who is the main reason I still trek to this end of town, but it's no hardship to spend a bit of time in the arty streets of nearby Glebe either. I'll take photos the next time I go in!

Meanwhile, some windows of the Grace Brothers building caught my eye because they gave the impression that they were windows to the sky when they were really reflections.

Happy Weekend everyone, especially to Aussies who are having a long hot weekend.