Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk

On the afternoon of Saturday the 31st in Sydney, normal people transformed into the undead and marched down Macquarie Street to the corner of the Botanical Gardens that overlooks the bridge and the Opera House. Don't be fooled - every kind of monster was there. Mwahoohahahaha and some of them , including myself had Caaaaameras.. They said it was for charity but who knows what walked amongst us....

Zombie Portraits

All shots above taken by me
Brain Foundation Zombie Walk Sydney

Photo of this Zombie was taken by Raymond Horsey of Sydney Street Photographers.

Till we meet in the next dimension...


  1. I have heard of the Zombie walk in Sydney - what fun to go along and take part!

  2. A good cause but not a good sight.

  3. I may have to stay away from Sydney for a while!
    Nice ones.