Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mooching about with a 'macro' lens..

I have a 100mm lens that I bought to do macro work with a tripod and of course it's a fine lens for this   type of thing.
Two weeks ago, on one of my regular trips down the coast to my favourite beach, I decided to leave the lens attached to my camera and experiment to see what happened in other situations. It's a beautiful lens. Why not let it out of the box?

Of course it does good close ups..

I found it did a surprising landscape shot..

But the main thing I will explore more is using it for portraits..

I did not know what this boy had found in the rock pool..

Till he waved this crab at me for a shot

Then let it go on it's way.

I hope you are not tired of summer seagull beach shots yet..
In case I don't post before next Friday have a Happy Christmas and Thank you for visiting my blog during the year.



  1. 100mm is fine length for portraiture, and it looks like you are off to a good start!

  2. How enjoyable. I love your sea gull shots and pics of the ocean. so peaceful.

  3. Excellent closeup of the boy and his find.

  4. Photos by the sea are always calming, perfect at this time of year. Excellent pic of the crab and I love the reflected light in the seagull photo. May you have a very Happy Christmas too, Val. x

  5. Good on you for tang time to practice with a different lens. I have had my lens replaced because it was faulty. The new one has added functions but I haven't tried them yet...busy, busy.

  6. love the seagull on the beach shot! Have fun with your lens.

  7. looks like a great lens. wonderful images.

    A blessed Christmas to you too.

  8. thanks guys, your comments mean a lot to me xx

  9. Very nice photo's I can see you use a very good lense. A Merry Christmas to you.

  10. Wonderful shots! Now I want to go to the beach. :-)

  11. That's a great portrait, I love my 100mm macro lens for all sorts of things.