Thursday, 28 January 2016

What would you like to imagine?

An art installation in the new futuristic redevelopment in a Sydney foreshore area called 'Barangaroo'. I have no idea if it is permanent or not.

What would you like to imagine?

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The original mirror

It's the sea of course, the original reflector of light. This week has gone from cold to blazing hot to stormy and back to ccol again. In the middle of it all I had a cold that went to my chest and was off work feeling slightly hot and clammy myself. It's been hanging on. Do any of you know that stage of illness where you are not well enough to work with the public but well enough to be over it and bored? The perfect solution is the sea. But then again, that's my usual solution for everything..

Have a good weekend

Friday, 8 January 2016

Elvis lives on

Elvis lives on in the memory of his fans. I got up early to go to Central Station, Sydney a couple of days ago to photograph fans departing on the 'Elvis Express' to Parkes for the annual Elvis Festival. See link in my previous post.This festival is very popular, the whole town gets booked out a year in advance! My photo group was all going 'yeah we ought to do it' but we'd probably have to camp in the bush!

Seeing the fans getting ready for the train to depart was fun.

Young Elvis

Young Elvis getting photo bombed by another Elvis..

but wait, there's more Elvis's

Mommy, who's that?

The Showgirls

I'm not sure if these ladies were part of a singing troupe. It's possible as all manner of singing/costume/lookalike contests are held during the event.

Lastly, a bunch of young fans. I think one of them had more of Lady Gaga vibe.

To see more photos that were taken on the day by my photo group click here
Happy Photography


Thursday, 7 January 2016

It's all an illusion

I was in the city today at Central Station as part of a meetup held by the Sydney Street Photography Group. We were there to photograph a whole train full of Elvis fans departing to Parkes, NSW for the annual Elvis Festival.  Fans depart for the Elvis Festival, Parkes. There were Elvis impersonators performing on the concourse, people dancing and a great party atmosphere and photographers, lots of photographers, not just us. Professionals from all the TV stations and what looked like professional freelancers. It was photo extravaganza time!

I will post some of my Elvis photos later, I am still sorting through them. Anyway after all the Elvises and Priscillas and other odd bods got on the train my photo buddies and I went off for coffee. It was a great morning. I really value the friendships I've made amongst this group.

Before getting on my own train I walked towards the city centre, enjoying the sunshine. I took this photo on  Pitt Street Mall, attracted by the big blue shiny decorative light. See all those people walking past at the bottom? They are all a reflection on the mirrored surface on the barrier underneath.


My resolution for this year as far as photography goes is to learn more about technique. I've signed up for a couple of one day courses a Sydney Uni to fill certain gaps in my knowledge. I'm going to try out another photo group (a lot of people belong to more than one) and also a photo club that has a lot of guest lecturers. Just looking around to see what suits, you know.

I'll be linking to Weekend Reflections,

Have a good end-of-the-week wherever you are,

Friday, 1 January 2016

Twilight Zone

Is anyone else old enough to remember a sci-fi series called The Twilight Zone? It used to scare me witless as a little kid, but it was a household favourite ..

This shot is a interesting window display in George St, Sydney, taken a couple of weeks ago, last year already! It is advertising Samsung Phones. You can see them if you look hard enough..but if you squint you can see the aliens among us...

Happy 2016. May we strive to make it a good one.