Friday, 8 January 2016

Elvis lives on

Elvis lives on in the memory of his fans. I got up early to go to Central Station, Sydney a couple of days ago to photograph fans departing on the 'Elvis Express' to Parkes for the annual Elvis Festival. See link in my previous post.This festival is very popular, the whole town gets booked out a year in advance! My photo group was all going 'yeah we ought to do it' but we'd probably have to camp in the bush!

Seeing the fans getting ready for the train to depart was fun.

Young Elvis

Young Elvis getting photo bombed by another Elvis..

but wait, there's more Elvis's

Mommy, who's that?

The Showgirls

I'm not sure if these ladies were part of a singing troupe. It's possible as all manner of singing/costume/lookalike contests are held during the event.

Lastly, a bunch of young fans. I think one of them had more of Lady Gaga vibe.

To see more photos that were taken on the day by my photo group click here
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    1. Yes and she was really taking photos with it.

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