Friday, 25 March 2016

That's me in the mirror..

Yesterday I met up with some photo-buddies and caught the ferry to Cockatoo Island to see the two-yearly art installation that is the Biennale..and take lots of photos of  course! Cockatoo Island is a de commissioned ship building facility in Sydney Harbour and the Biennale is a free art Sydney event that I always look forward to experiencing. I saw a slogan online: earth without art is just 'eh'

Lots of the old ship building stuff is still there.  The whole island is heritage listed. 
More about Cockatoo Island

These guys were preparing for a fashion shoot.

Some of the ship building equipment, works of art in themselves.

But back to the art...big and shiny

deep and meaningful..

or just 'what the'

People and art..

spooky places 

..and kids. Thank goodness for kids, when the whole world's a playground.

That's me in the reflection.

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter everybody,

Friday, 18 March 2016

King Street, Newtown

 Last weekend I was in King Street, Newtown, camera in hand. It's a great street to wander down on a lazy Saturday. For decades it's been a inner city student hangout, slightly grungy, slightly alternative and slightly different. The place has a free thinking energy. The markets on a Saturday are a bric -a-brac treat and a people watching treat, as are the shops.

I'm off to my local farmer's market now in my own suburb for some locally grown veggies.
Have a good weekend,


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Trawling the Shipyard

A few weeks ago during a photo course, the lecturer took us to a Sydney shipyard that is not normally open to the public. It was fabulous to have access to a busy maritime workplace staffed by volunteers restoring old ships. Here are some of my favourite shots. The first three were taken using a wide angle lens - good for big subjects!

The sailor's portrait was taken with permission and it was great to be able to visit the workshop and photograph some welding. The still life was taken in the welding workshop too. 

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 11 March 2016


Maybe I should call this 'the semi-regular seascape blog'..but I know some of you love the sea as much as I do so I've got a post of sunrise shots. I love early morning light reflected on sand and water. It's hard to get out of bed before dawn but last Saturday I woke up way before dawn and being wide awake I decided to pack some coffee, camera, tripod and swim bag and drove down the coast with stars still shining overhead. I set up my camera at the stairs leading down to the point at one of my favourite sunrise-shot locations and found I wasn't alone for long. Some surfers made their way past me, politely steeping around my tripod, then soon a few more. I clicked away as the sun came up, shrouded by a band of clouds. When I picked up my gear to move further down to the balcony of the surf club I saw a young couple also with camera and tripod disappearing around the bluff. Then later on my way back to the car I glanced down and saw the girl  putting her top back on, so they were obviously there for artistic endeavours rather than the sunrise...*cough*

Later of course there were and joggers and swimmers and fishermen and that magic time between darkness and light had come and gone.


 Have a good weekend,

Friday, 4 March 2016

If fish could fly..

This morning I was downloading some phone pics to my computer and I saw these strange photos of treetops with a yellow thing in them and thought 'what the?' It looks like a fish up a tree.. or a kite or  maybe a solar flare on the lens. No. I'd forgotten that on my last trip to the beach I'd dropped into a regional art gallery that has a little Chinese garden with a pond underneath some trees and that the yellow thing was a Koi Carp.

This restored VW was outside a beachside pub. They are so cute.

I am still editing photos that I took during my course. On the second day of it we went to a heritage shipyard and it was a photo-rat's paradise. Photos to come!

Happy weekend,