Friday, 4 March 2016

If fish could fly..

This morning I was downloading some phone pics to my computer and I saw these strange photos of treetops with a yellow thing in them and thought 'what the?' It looks like a fish up a tree.. or a kite or  maybe a solar flare on the lens. No. I'd forgotten that on my last trip to the beach I'd dropped into a regional art gallery that has a little Chinese garden with a pond underneath some trees and that the yellow thing was a Koi Carp.

This restored VW was outside a beachside pub. They are so cute.

I am still editing photos that I took during my course. On the second day of it we went to a heritage shipyard and it was a photo-rat's paradise. Photos to come!

Happy weekend,


  1. reminded me that I have some reflections like this too!

  2. Yes, definitely a flying fish Val....and a very clever photo.
    Those VW combie vans always make me smile - long live the hippy years :)

  3. I agree.A flying fish! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So that is what flying-fish look like :-)
    I too enjoy those old VW "Loaves" as we used to call them

  5. Neato. That VW is nice - do you still have yours?

  6. Wonderful photos! The reflections are great and I like the VW bus. Thanks for the advise on my weekend reflections photo. I agree. :-)

  7. Not many VW busses around here in Norway anymore.
    Enjoy the season and Happy Weekend to you.