Friday, 25 March 2016

That's me in the mirror..

Yesterday I met up with some photo-buddies and caught the ferry to Cockatoo Island to see the two-yearly art installation that is the Biennale..and take lots of photos of  course! Cockatoo Island is a de commissioned ship building facility in Sydney Harbour and the Biennale is a free art Sydney event that I always look forward to experiencing. I saw a slogan online: earth without art is just 'eh'

Lots of the old ship building stuff is still there.  The whole island is heritage listed. 
More about Cockatoo Island

These guys were preparing for a fashion shoot.

Some of the ship building equipment, works of art in themselves.

But back to the art...big and shiny

deep and meaningful..

or just 'what the'

People and art..

spooky places 

..and kids. Thank goodness for kids, when the whole world's a playground.

That's me in the reflection.

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter everybody,


  1. I'd love to visit there must do it next time I'm there.

  2. 'what the' indeed, Val. What a great show, I wish I'd seen it last week. Love the ship building equipment; I always enjoy looking at the charm of old machinery, so sculptural. Happy Easter Val.