Thursday, 28 April 2016

Courthouse Reflections

A friend of mine works in administration at the Downing Centre Courts in Sydney. The place is a hive of activity with barristers in wigs, lawyers, high profile criminals, police and a zillion support staff coming and going. It had airport style security long before it became commonplace in public buildings in this age of random threats to society.
Anyway as I was waiting for my friend on the steps I noticed for the first time what a beautiful ornate building houses the court. It is actually the old Mark Foys building and was once a grand department store.  There are newer more modern skyscrapers across the street which gave me these great reflections. I only had the iPhone with me. Must go back to take some more shots if I can - under the eyes of ever present cameras and security..

The courthouse building is the reflection with the yellow pagoda-like trimmings

On the street life goes on..

Have a good weekend. I'll be posting to weekend reflections.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Cheeky Cockatoos

Hello! I recently read this post on 500px on the-best-ways-to-invest-in-your-money-for-photography
The author recommended amongst other things investing in your own knowledge, hanging out with photo buddies, getting honest critique of your work and buying a prime lens. As it happens, I am already doing a lot of that but I got out my 100mm lens which has gone neglected for a while and took it out for some experimental shooting throughout the morning.

I took these shots of cockatoos feeding near my home. They let me get fairly close and kept a wary eye on me as they continued eating and drinking. They do love to eat and will eat just about anything with seeds or wood. I know this because they ate my friend's wooden verandah railings. She lives in a bushland setting in the Blue Mountains and had a lot of cockatoos eating the birdseeds she left out, but then they proceeded to eat the verandah. She had to get it replaced and no longer leaves bird seed out. In her words 'the little $#!%$' can fend for themselves!

I love how they use their claws as hands. They are raucous and noisy and I'm quite fond of them but I have metal railings on my balcony ;)

Have a good weekend,

Friday, 15 April 2016

Biennale Art Reflections

Last week I went to Cockatoo Island with a friend who had not been to the Biennale Exhibition. I had been there a couple of weeks before but was happy to go again. The art is an experience to say the least, from giant plastic shower curtains to thumping sonic accompaniments and videos and pieces so minimalist you have to hunt for the image in a few blurry squiggles. All in all it's a good day out with stunning harbour views and I found a few reflections, of course  ;) but my favourite 'art' is the machinery and old buildings that are heritage listed. The island, a short ferry ride from Sydney CBD, had been a prison in colonial days and then one of Australia's premier shipbuilding yards.

Of course it was also a good opportunity for 'selfies'. Have a good weekend,

Thursday, 7 April 2016


There's a lot to learn in the art of photography. Like any subject when you really go into it, there's always more knowledge to gain and other angles to explore. Reflections really get you looking for the best angle. I've seen photographer friends get down to ground level at the edge of a puddle to get the right reflection shot and this is something I practised to get this photo of sunset clouds in a tidal stream. I hope you like it.

I'll put up a link to Weekend Reflections when this week's post goes up.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Maroubra Sunrise

Yesterday was the last day of daylight saving here, so it was the last chance not to have to get up extra early to catch the sunrise..or so the theory went. Well pre-dawn is pre-dawn no matter what the clock says and I met up with my illogical photo buddies to seek out a prime spot at the Maroubra beach sea bath to catch some dawn shots. Afterwards when we were all in the cafe across the road one of my friends said 'Was it worth it?  I said 'yes' even though we are all a bit crazy!

Later when the sun was warm and all the photographers were gone I went for a dip. The water was lovely. I'd never been to this spot before, preferring to go south rather than through the city, but you can be sure my camera, tripod and swim bag will lure me back again.

 By the way, the surf can be deceptive. Both swimmers and photographers had to be wary of the odd freak wave.

Have  good week,

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Artist

In Pitt St Mall, Sydney, there are often buskers and also artists of the more conventional variety. A regular is a man who does reproductions of famous old master paintings in chalk. He used to do it straight onto the sidewalk but now he does it on canvas that can be rolled up for protection against the elements.People pay him a few coins to see him work. I snapped his reflection on my way home.

I'll be posting to James' Weekend Reflections.  
Have a good weekend,