Sunday, 3 April 2016

Maroubra Sunrise

Yesterday was the last day of daylight saving here, so it was the last chance not to have to get up extra early to catch the sunrise..or so the theory went. Well pre-dawn is pre-dawn no matter what the clock says and I met up with my illogical photo buddies to seek out a prime spot at the Maroubra beach sea bath to catch some dawn shots. Afterwards when we were all in the cafe across the road one of my friends said 'Was it worth it?  I said 'yes' even though we are all a bit crazy!

Later when the sun was warm and all the photographers were gone I went for a dip. The water was lovely. I'd never been to this spot before, preferring to go south rather than through the city, but you can be sure my camera, tripod and swim bag will lure me back again.

 By the way, the surf can be deceptive. Both swimmers and photographers had to be wary of the odd freak wave.

Have  good week,


  1. Love the last one with the photographer running away from the crashing wave. Great dawn colours.

  2. A great time to photograph, to be sure.

  3. What great fun, being at the beach at dawn, and catching super photos. I have only been to Maroubra once, and loved those rocks. That surf looks pretty violent - what a dramatic place for a swim Val.

    1. The pool is enclosed and it was a bit calmer by the time I got in but sometimes those big waves make the swimmers bob about like corks!