Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Outhouse

When I was a kid a lot of Sydney houses had outdoor toilets. Ours had a semi detached laundry as well. Some of my earliest memories are of the red brick outhouse with a faded red wood paling door. It was a tall and narrow spider infested place with a big white cistern and a long chain. There was a small window with cut glass louvres way up high. A pitchfork, a spade and a hoe that also seemed huge  to me were propped against the wall. Our back yard was a wonderland of fruit trees and vegetable beds. Bags of fertiliser stored in the outhouse along the wall added a pungent smell. Sometimes lizards crept in under the door and frogs croaked in the shadowy area between the outside wall and the fence. Then dad  built an extension to the the house and added an indoor toilet. Lets just say it was a relief to all.

I took this photo outside the outhouse of a inner city cafe situated in a century's old workers cottage.It brought back memories. Now the novelty of it makes it retro cool!

Have a good weekend,

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The moon, the fisherman and me.

This is an experimental year for me regarding photography. A year to learn, listen, try new things, talk to other photographers, belong to various groups. I've also learnt a lot from my camera club's critique night. One of my personal goals is to get a decent photo of the moon in a landscape rather than just a close up. This weekend coincides with a full moon and last night the moonrise was due early, right on dusk. I had googled the time and direction and headed to my favourite beach. I was hoping for waves and cliffs and a rising moon. Nature had other plans. I did not account for the incoming tide or the cloud cover. Below are some shots of waves that doused my jeans and running shoes and eventually forced me to move away. I had thought I was in a spot that would stay dry. Haha. At least I got some photos first!
Then as it happens the moon was not visible until fairly high and even then it just peeked out through the clouds. The sky wasn't going to clear up and night had fallen. When I had gone  back to the car and packed up the moon emerged between the Norfolk pines, surrounded by a gorgeous ring of red haze then promptly hid again. It then followed me home smirking  ;-]  You wait moon. I'll be back!

By the way this website has amazing close up wave shots No affiliation just inspired by his perspective.

Have a good moonrise,

Thursday, 12 May 2016

St Mary's Cathedral, night reflections

Sydney is a beehive of photo exhibitions and events at the moment because of the Head On Photo Festival 2016 Honestly, there is so much on, a wealth of riches from which to pick and choose. Last night I went to an exhibition in the city, 'Kairos' by Urban Collective. Some friends are participating. We all started out in Sydney Street Photographers and they are trying to crack the professional market. Not an easy thing to do and all exposure helps!

But back to last night. On the way home from the exhibit I snapped some reflections. St Mary's cathedral in Sydney is a truly impressive sandstone church built in the Gothic Revival style.There is also quite a large reflection pool/fountain in front of it which is great for reflections. The silver walls are part of the City Aquatic centre underneath the square. 

I've never photographed the cathedral at night before. Only had the iPhone with me, usual story. 
If you are in Sydney do check out some of the exhibitions. There's something for everybody who loves photography.

What is it about churches that makes them spooky at night?
Have a good weekend everybody,

Monday, 9 May 2016

Local Graffiti

My humble outer western Sydney suburb is changing. Yuppies are moving in, driven from the city centre by astronomical rents and house prices. High rise units are going up everywhere. There are plans for a university campus. But the best thing is, the council seems to be increasingly art-friendly with more regional art events and also a more tolerant grass roots approach to street art.
This Prince graffiti appeared recently and the other is on the 'art' wall on the exterior of the local library, which now has a dedicated exhibition space. It's good to see. Without art what are we?
Even primitives had art. Long live the graffiti wall!

I really like it when just the right person walks into the shot. I hope you are having a colourful week,