Monday, 9 May 2016

Local Graffiti

My humble outer western Sydney suburb is changing. Yuppies are moving in, driven from the city centre by astronomical rents and house prices. High rise units are going up everywhere. There are plans for a university campus. But the best thing is, the council seems to be increasingly art-friendly with more regional art events and also a more tolerant grass roots approach to street art.
This Prince graffiti appeared recently and the other is on the 'art' wall on the exterior of the local library, which now has a dedicated exhibition space. It's good to see. Without art what are we?
Even primitives had art. Long live the graffiti wall!

I really like it when just the right person walks into the shot. I hope you are having a colourful week,


  1. Isn't that neat? A guy in a red shirt coming in to be part of the scene. I wonder if he realises. The graffiti of Prince is brilliant, and yes I notice there is more tolerance of street art when it is more than rough tags. It does give the area a modern twist.

    1. I've since found out that the Prince portrait is also in a designated area. I wonder if the artist had to audition.

  2. Love the Prince image. So hard to believe he's gone.