Saturday, 21 May 2016

The moon, the fisherman and me.

This is an experimental year for me regarding photography. A year to learn, listen, try new things, talk to other photographers, belong to various groups. I've also learnt a lot from my camera club's critique night. One of my personal goals is to get a decent photo of the moon in a landscape rather than just a close up. This weekend coincides with a full moon and last night the moonrise was due early, right on dusk. I had googled the time and direction and headed to my favourite beach. I was hoping for waves and cliffs and a rising moon. Nature had other plans. I did not account for the incoming tide or the cloud cover. Below are some shots of waves that doused my jeans and running shoes and eventually forced me to move away. I had thought I was in a spot that would stay dry. Haha. At least I got some photos first!
Then as it happens the moon was not visible until fairly high and even then it just peeked out through the clouds. The sky wasn't going to clear up and night had fallen. When I had gone  back to the car and packed up the moon emerged between the Norfolk pines, surrounded by a gorgeous ring of red haze then promptly hid again. It then followed me home smirking  ;-]  You wait moon. I'll be back!

By the way this website has amazing close up wave shots No affiliation just inspired by his perspective.

Have a good moonrise,


  1. Oh I do hope you catch a full moon another time for us Val. Meantime, very excellent shots of the surf there. I had not realised it was full moon - it might explain waking up the last couple of nights: too much light! I should chase it off with a camera...

  2. The waves are spectacular. And I really like the last photo.