Thursday, 16 June 2016

Reflections on a trip to Mudgee

Dear fellow photographers,

If you've read this blog at all you know that I am a city dweller. Like the vast majority of other Australians, in fact 84.7% - see government link here -I dwell on the coast. Most of our ancestors came by boat, some in chains as convicts, some as free settlers and later many as migrants fleeing war torn parts of the world. Then most never got very far inland. Australia can be a harsh land no matter where you are but those that went to the outback were especially resilient.  I feel a hankering to go further into this country and explore. The area over the ranges has its own wild beauty and the little country towns have charm, not to mention photo opportunities. The bigger inland towns have work so who knows where I will end up. I'm getting itchy feet again. For now I will satisfy the travel urge with little trips inland, just looking. Two weeks ago I was in an around Mudgee on the wet weekend when the coast was hit by torrential storms and rain. Inland there was some drizzle, and easy welcome rain.

I took these shots of railway stations and shops along a disused inland railway line. Everything is still in place to one day use it again. Who knows? I can't be the only one enchanted with the idea of getting out of Sydney and going west.

Here's a few bits of history, in the rain.

ps. I entered these in the monthly photo judging at my photo club. The professional who judged is a very experienced photographer/lecturer who had information and stories to spare. Whose opinion I respect. He really liked two of my shots, wanted the last one converted to sepia, but found one to be lacking in narrative. What do you think? Can you pick which one?  I wonder if others see it the same way. Opinions welcome.

Meanwhile, the coast is bracing for another wet, wild weekend.
Have a good one wherever you are,



  1. I love to go West too...these are great photos, and for me they all have narrative. However, I am guessing photo No. 2 (even though I like it very much). Take care in the next wild wet weekend Val.

  2. I sometimes wonder about judges opinions. If you like the photo then its a good one. We don't have competitions in our camera club but we have a show and tell session. The old station looks good in mono. As to which one lacks narrative I can't tell. It could be the second last. I spent some time in Mudgee in my teens. I recently visited on a wine tour and I was blown away with the changes.

  3. I greatly admire your shots as they all hold appeal to me though I really like the first and last particularly
    Enjoy taking shots, that's the fun of it!

  4. Thank you for your comments ladies. It's actually the reflection shot that the judge wasn't impressed with, he wanted more of a story. Me, I thought 'great for James' Weekend Reflections'!

  5. I love the reflection photo.

  6. My favourite aesthetically is the first one, Due to the composition ad reflection. On the other hand I sense a story in an enlarged version of the third and fourth ones.

  7. Well, the first and the last strike me as the most evocative. Whether that translates as having "narrative", I'll leave for others to decide. :-)

  8. I have to be honest Valerie I clearly see a story in each of these shots, and I prefer the last as you have it in black and white. Judging photographic, and art in general is such a personal thing..