Thursday, 21 July 2016

Futuristic Sydney

Hi there. You can click on photo to enlarge.

Part of the walkway

Giant me in perspex

Futuristic hotel

Raindrops on girders

Building and more building

A little monochrome to finish.

I was in the city yesterday on a drizzly overcast day. Perfect for taking photos of futuristic shiny buildings. I'd taken the train to Wynyard then walked down York Street through the walkway to King Street Wharf. It's a paradise for architecture, construction and of course reflections.
Have a good weekend everybody,


  1. Curious curvilinear building there at the end.

  2. Sydney's beginning to feel like my second home these days Val what with visiting my son, wife and grandchildren three times a year 😃 It's changing all the time as well, like Perth. That last building looks more Art Deco than modern!

    1. It's curves remind me of Gaudi's architecture.

  3. Those are great reflections in those building's glass walls. Like the second photo with the selfie reflection.

  4. Wonderful reflections and superb focus on the architecture.

  5. Looks like Sydney is touched by the modern architecture fashion. I especially like the last building in the B&W photo. Thanks for showing.

  6. Thanks everyone. Re the last building, Grace and s.c. the last building is very modern but as it is white with a white foreground it is very hard to photograph with all that glare. I will try to get more detail on a early shoot at some later stage.

  7. Indeed it is a paradise for photography, Val. The modern architecture is really taking hold in Sydney. Love the lattice work hotel, and the last picture is genius.

  8. You found quite a lot of interesting lines, curves and patterns here. My favourite is the monochrome ones - the people and the curves complemented each other very well

  9. Thanks everyone. The last building is a favourite of mine, it stands out from the rest.