Friday, 26 August 2016

A sunny winter's day and reflections in a pool of glass

If you read this blog regularly you could be forgiven for thinking I am always at the beach. I am not! It's just that it is possibly my favourite place for photography. The light, the water, the endless parade of people even in winter always gives my camera something. I actually went with the mission to find something 'red', an upcoming theme for the camera club I attend. But you know, if you see something beautiful themes can go out the window, momentarily. The sea pool was the quietest I had ever seen it, a cool, clear sheet of water with a glass-like reflective surface. Then this family group came and started playing the universal game of throwing a smooth pebble so that it skips across the water. Perfect! Click on photos to enlarge.


I'll be linking to Weekend Reflections, the meme that makes me see reflections everywhere.
Have a good one, Val.

p.s. I am also linking to Our World Tuesday for the first time.


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Moonlight on water.

It's long been a goal of mine to take a good moon-in-a landscape shot.. (still is actually)..That dratted beautiful moon. It's shiny and it moves and it rises from the horizon so fast (at least in these latitudes). As with most landscapes it is very hard to get all of a landscape in focus. The classic idea is to focus roughly one third of the way in towards the horizon, then another third of the way up and then another and in editing software stack two or three photos to get that calendar quality.

I did none of that, I found a simpler way.

I took my favourite moon over the lake water shot and combined it with my best detailed moon shot from the same shoot and combined them by copying the moon (lasso, paste, content-aware move tool) and pasting it onto the other photo in photoshop (then lasso the original moon, edit/fill - content aware/black). Much easier than mucking about with layers.

This and this

equals this.

Hopefully, if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't even know. 
Have a good weekend,

Friday, 5 August 2016

A cloudy day by the sea

Sometimes, even mid winter, even in the rain, I need to go to the sea, I buy some fish and chips and throw the leftovers to the raucous seagulls. It brings a tranquility to my soul. These days, taking a camera adds to the experience.  In fact I find it hard to go out for a day without one  :)

On my way south I did not plan to stop at either end of the Sea Cliff Bridge but driving through I caught a glimpse of a different angle, a sort of snap shot in my head, so I parked at the southern end and walked back. There's parking at either end of the bridge because the walk has become an unexpected tourist attraction. The bridge itself is a thing of sinuous  beauty, but I wanted a more close up approach. The clouds were grey and the winter sea was surging against the rocks but luckily it wasn't raining.

I was experimenting with different shutter speeds to capture some of that sea action and the sun occasionally gave a backlit brightness to the clouds. My shots are not technically 'there' yet but I had a 'aha' moment at the southern end of that bridge about light and shutter speeds and the need for a neutral density filter that would allow me to take some photos at slower speeds without the white out effect that appears at the edge of some of these shots. Of course for slower shutter speeds you also need a tripod but I tried a variety of speeds hand held to see how far I could push it. The conclusion:  The experts are right, but at least now I understand why. I'll be back - later.

Meantime I hope you enjoy the mood of the shots and the reflection of a little swift that was dipping in and out of the sea water.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Have a good weekend,