Friday, 16 September 2016

The back streets of Sydney graffiti

Hello again,

To my internet photographer friends I recently bought a wide angle lens - Canon EF 17-40 f4 and it hasn't left my camera since. Great for landscapes but also street-scapes! Sewing friends I even left it on the camera to take photos of myself wearing my latest creation but I will have to come to my senses and reshoot with a lens that's more appropriate ;)  Last weekend saw me out and about with some buddies photographing some great graffiti  that I hadn't seen before.

This one reminds me of the actor Paul Newman, who was one of the most handsome men ever,  in my humble opinion..

Watch out we'll bite you..

My friend was scratching this dogs back, love the look on it's face

Friends mucking about

Matching graffiti on the bins - that's class!

Say Ahhh

Bric-a-brac on King St. If you look very closely you can see a passerby in the window..

I'm watching you

Gorgeous old houses

I think this lady must have been an Aboriginal Elder

Surprised tourists. I actually took some shots for them then the garage door started opening..

Then back at my car I saw this engaged couple who were happy to pose for me.

I'm putting this into Weekend Reflections. I am going into town tonight to photograph a inner city night festival and it's a full moon. My tripod is coming with me. Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Newtown, fading light and shop reflections

I have been experimenting with going out to shoot photos at dusk, beyond the golden hour and into the night. When I took these shots I changed the white balance settings as the light was changing. These were taken in Newtown, a favourite inner-west-towards-the-city suburb that is still quaint, arty and grungy. May it never fall into compete hipster-dom. 

WB on 'sunny' in fading light. Pretty much an accurate representation.

WB on 'fluorescent' brings out the blue.

WB on 'tungsten' does too but worked well with the lights from inside the shop.

WB on 'shade' tends to warm things up.

The cups and saucers is my favourite. Sometimes simple things turn out unexpectedly well.
Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend,

Friday, 2 September 2016

Spring Rain

Hello fron 'down under. Now that's it is September it's officially spring here. As is usual for us the weather has already swung from a true spring like warmth to a deluge of rain to bright and sunny but with a wind warning!

I took this yesterday in down town Sydney during the rain, on our street called 'Broadway', on my iPhone.What attracted my eye was the glimpses of red. The next time it rains like this I will go looking for rainy reflections with my 'real' camera..

Have a good weekend,