Saturday, 29 October 2016

Zombie Attack!

Hi there,
In the previous post I mentioned I was going to the Zombie walk Sydney Zombie Walk 2016. It's a free street event that raises money for The Brain Foundation. Last year I did the full ghoulish make up thing but this year even though I registered I did not dress up, preferring to concentrate on the photography. Here are some favourite shots.

Have a Good Weekend and for those of you who celebrate it Happy Halloween,

Friday, 28 October 2016

Industrial Reflections - Cockatoo Island

Hello guys,
Last weekend on a grey, overcast day some photo buddies and I took the ferry to Cockatoo Island. I've posted about Cockatoo Island before as every two years the Sydney Biennale Art Festival is held there but it's nice to wander around this preserved ship building site even when nothing is on and it was so quiet except for the wind in the warehouse rafters stirring up the spooks. Because the island does feel spooky. Built by convicts, rocky history. I don't actually know why it is called Cockatoo Island as it seems to be a favourite place for nesting seagulls who went berserk over anyone walking past the nests. I hope you enjoy this clutch of photos.

That pretty seagull in the previous post was also going berserk as I went through 'her' area. No seagulls, eggs, chicks or humans were harmed in the taking of these shots. Off to photograph zombies this afternoon. I think they'll be friendlier,

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Have you improved?

On the weekend someone who was something of a mentor in my early days asked me if I thought I had improved. Later that day I took this shot and I think the answer is 'yes'.

Bird on the Wing.
By Val.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Bird no 22

Hi everyone. I love art and there was an exhibition running at the art gallery I had  wanted to see but thought I had missed Frida Kahlo and diego Rivera :: Art Gallery NSW but then it got extended, so I grabbed the chance to see it and have a day out around Sydney doing some of the things I love best - the art gallery and botanical gardens, eating Asian food and taking photos when I did not know I was going to, the  iphone7 got another work out.

I am glad I didn't miss the exhibition, it is wonderful with historic photos and paintings by both artists.

 I did not fully appreciate Frida Kahlo's talent until I got a close look at her work.

The stairway between the floors of the art gallery has this lovely bank of coloured windows, good for selfies and sneaky shots of other visitors.

Afterward, with my head spinning with art, I took a walk down to the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Tree ferns.

A goldfish photobombed my shot.

Fern fronds against the striated ceiling.

Swamp Orchids 

Fabulously weird looking cactuses

A tropical pond 

Ibis no 22

The Australian White Ibis - a previously inland bird now becoming a pest in the cities See ibis invasion

On the way back I stopped for noodles at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. They start early and go late with all sorts of Asian food available from about a hundred stalls.

Then it was through the Queen Victoria building. Coffee.

Have a good weekend,

Friday, 14 October 2016

Green Reflection

Hi folks, I haven't posted for a while but I'm still here. Yesterday while running around the city I went through one of my favourite walkways and took a moment to photograph an intriguing face that is in a lit up mural in the tunnel. I also got the reflection of a passerby. It was taken with my new i Phone 7 which takes better photos than any phone I have ever handled.

The photo below is the result of my waking up early even when I didn't have to, so I drove to a stand of trees near the river and managed to catch the rising mist, with the Canon and a tripod and wide angle lens. iPhones, while good can't match the real deal   ;)

Have a good weekend everybody. I am off to photograph a spooky deserted brewery down south with some friends.