Friday, 28 October 2016

Industrial Reflections - Cockatoo Island

Hello guys,
Last weekend on a grey, overcast day some photo buddies and I took the ferry to Cockatoo Island. I've posted about Cockatoo Island before as every two years the Sydney Biennale Art Festival is held there but it's nice to wander around this preserved ship building site even when nothing is on and it was so quiet except for the wind in the warehouse rafters stirring up the spooks. Because the island does feel spooky. Built by convicts, rocky history. I don't actually know why it is called Cockatoo Island as it seems to be a favourite place for nesting seagulls who went berserk over anyone walking past the nests. I hope you enjoy this clutch of photos.

That pretty seagull in the previous post was also going berserk as I went through 'her' area. No seagulls, eggs, chicks or humans were harmed in the taking of these shots. Off to photograph zombies this afternoon. I think they'll be friendlier,


  1. Old, rusty industrial areas can be a photographer's heaven - and this muste surely be one of them. The wheel wins with me, You must syrely go back again

    1. Yes, I took other machinery shots and luckily I can go back whenever I want :) Next time I will go alone with a tripod and be prepared for dim light and dust..

  2. Cool pics! I especially like the ones with the partial seagulls. :-)