Saturday, 29 October 2016

Zombie Attack!

Hi there,
In the previous post I mentioned I was going to the Zombie walk Sydney Zombie Walk 2016. It's a free street event that raises money for The Brain Foundation. Last year I did the full ghoulish make up thing but this year even though I registered I did not dress up, preferring to concentrate on the photography. Here are some favourite shots.

Have a Good Weekend and for those of you who celebrate it Happy Halloween,


  1. Terrific shots! We had a zombie event here earlier this month, which made for good photo ops.

  2. Super shots Val, some people really get into it and yet the two in the 5th photo down are the scariest, even though not covered in blood, it's just the LOOK 😊

    1. Yes, some quality acting happens on the day along with the costumes!

  3. There was one here in Brisbane but i didn't go. Fun pics.