Sunday, 29 January 2017

Little Shrimp

I'm still discovering wonders at the edge of the sea. I know it's a cliche that the sea holds more than we can imagine but the seaweed-smelly low tide rock platforms do too. I position my camera and focus and wait till the sand stops swirling, try to catch the light from the right direction. Mostly, because there is no view finder, I am shooting blind. I was trying to get a good shot of a submerged shell and I got a surprise bonus of a little shrimp.

It makes me want to learn to scuba dive.
Have a good week,

Friday, 20 January 2017

Red & Rooster

Last weekend in the city, my friend and I were walking toward the train station after seeing a band in the park - see previous post - when I swung around and said 'I've got to take a photo". He said 'Of a chicken? 'I said "Of the reflection". He was rather bemused as we went on our way. But I think it's a cracking reflection! Don't ask me why there was a golden chicken, or rooster, whatever -used  as a prop for designer handbags. Unless they are now making handbags out of chickens!

Have a good weekend,

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Last weekend was the start of the Festival of Sydney, a summer celebration with lots of free public events and I was invited along to the "Soul of Sydney" gig in Hyde Park. What could be better than a soul band playing and public dancing? Taking a few photos as well. It was joyful.

You can click on photos to enlarge.
Hope you are having a good week,

Just a note. I have a problem with blogger linking to an old defunct email and I don't know how to fix it. Emails sent to the current one do get through, but does anyone know how to fix it trying to link to the old one? It was linked to my first clumsy attempt at having a blog on and I thought I had deleted everything but the issue persists. Help!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Tidal Pool Reflections

Yesterday I was still on holidays and it was too hot to stay in the city so I packed my beach things and a giant bottle of  half frozen water and headed south. I went a bit further than I usually go, to a little seaside town called Kiama. It is known for a natural rock formation through the volcanic rock called The Blowhole. When there's an incoming tide, a decent swell and the wind is blowing from the south east the sea erupts through it like a geyser. I've seen it spout in winter when there's a howling storm. But I'm rambling. I had a hankering to see the town again and indeed it still has a cute village feel to it. Touristy and arty enough to be interesting but not taken over with high rise apartments. I hope that never happens. I had a good time eating ice cream and looking through the artisan stores on the main street but my real aim was to take some underwater photos in the rock pools.

The non-blowing Blowhole and shadows along the fence

It's a scenic area, well frequented by travellers

I'd love to travel the coast in something like this..

Volcanic Latite cliffs

Daring fishermen

The Kiama rock  pool shrouded in sea spray

The rock pool above is the spot I thought would be good for a few underwater shots but it didn't yield anything but concrete blocks and barnacles. I really enjoyed the cool swim though. What did give me a world of riches were the little tidal pools further along. I scrambled around at the edge of the show etaking shots of a totally different world..

All this wonder, just below the surface..

Have a good weekend,

Friday, 6 January 2017

Shopping and people watching

I have two favourite places for people watching when I go into Sydney. The Queen Victoria Building with it's Victorian era splendour and the bright and shiny Pitt Street Mall. Both abound with shops and eateries designed to lure the tourist and local shopper's dollar out of the pocket. My SIL had given me a gift card to one one these shops that doesn't yet  have a store in my neck of the woods..
I bought high tech exercise gear at a massively reduced price :))

A shadowed figure and shiny reflections..sweet! 

Modern Communication

hmm, nice maxi dress

walk & talk, or is that walk & text..

What someone talking in person?

elegant tourists


A bit further down the street I heard an angel singing

The smallest Christmas busker.

Putting on my shoes and getting on my bike to exercise off the last of my holiday indulgences,