Friday, 6 January 2017

Shopping and people watching

I have two favourite places for people watching when I go into Sydney. The Queen Victoria Building with it's Victorian era splendour and the bright and shiny Pitt Street Mall. Both abound with shops and eateries designed to lure the tourist and local shopper's dollar out of the pocket. My SIL had given me a gift card to one one these shops that doesn't yet  have a store in my neck of the woods..
I bought high tech exercise gear at a massively reduced price :))

A shadowed figure and shiny reflections..sweet! 

Modern Communication

hmm, nice maxi dress

walk & talk, or is that walk & text..

What someone talking in person?

elegant tourists


A bit further down the street I heard an angel singing

The smallest Christmas busker.

Putting on my shoes and getting on my bike to exercise off the last of my holiday indulgences,


  1. the interior of that building is reflection with the curved glass

  2. Oh I love that QVB too, a beautiful place, and great photos too. Love that maxi. Isn't it a funny old world, that having the chance to talk to anyone, anywhere, with our phones, people now decide to text them instead! Almost every day I have to brake suddenly as someone almost walks under my car, oblivious to anything except the device. Now, must go off for a long walk, asap!

  3. The building is fabulous and love the little busker. Lovely reflections. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and I hope 2027 will be a very healthy year for you also.

  4. Nice street photography from a very fine city - I would really want to visit it again.

  5. Oh bless her, what an adorable busker


  6. Thanks everyone. The little busker had real talent. Mum was hovering nearby.

  7. Nice post! I enjoyed seeing the reflections and the wonderful street photos!

  8. Some great street photography.

    1. James and diane b thank you. Little glimpses of other people's lives in passing are fascinating aren't they?