Friday, 3 February 2017

A swim at the beach

I went for a swim at the beach, as you do. Perfect sky, prefect temperatures, lovely refreshing water. At home, I uploaded the shots and thought I'd broken my camera. Was there water in it? No, the ring that circles the lens had come a bit loose and had been holding a bit of water. Let's call it artistic effect shall we  ;) Oh, and the camera is fine.

Have a good weekend,


  1. nice cloud reflections in the middle photo!

  2. Looks nice enough for me - especially the second on :-)

  3. A good place to be in this hot summer.

  4. Looks like you go in quite deep with your camera Val? Glad to hear it survived it's wee adventure and yes I like the sound of 'artistic effects' ☺

    1. Actually I was only standing waist deep. I have seen true underwater shots done with this camera though, you can go 12m deep...must learn to snorkel!

  5. Aack! glad the camera is OK! I get a similar effect when I step outside into heat and humidity to take a pic - the outside of the lens fogs up! and more than once I've taken a dozen pics before I realize I have a cloud in the middle of every one of them.

    The water is so beautiful...

  6. thanks guys.
    coco, I've experienced the hot to cold or cold to hot fogging lens thing too, in Europe..

  7. Oo! Love the water in that first shot.