Saturday, 18 March 2017

Chasing photos in the rain

Yesterday I took off in another direction, a fairly unfamiliar route up the mountains toward Richmond and further along the Bells line of road. There are beautiful homes with open gardens. The weather was dismal with fairly steady showers all day but I thought if nothing else I can suss it out for later and maybe get a few bedraggled shots. Here are some of my favourites.

Old petrol bowsers for sale

Me in a store window in Richmond. First time I've worn boots this season!

Every town's got to have a Ritz!

The road through eucalyptus and temperate rainforest, at the moment soaking up all the rain!

A closer look at the eucalypts (gum trees) shedding their bark and having a growth burst.

It's interesting that the oil from eucalypts gives the air a slight bluish tinge, which is why our Blue Mountains look blue and the introduced trees lean towards a yellowish haze whenever a bit of light hits them. I tried to google just which variety these gum trees are and found out we have 894 recognised species! They are not Stringybarks which are a lot rougher so for now they'll remain a mystery.  I do love the smell of them in the rain. It's Australia in a bottle. Then there's the Englishness of the gardens and avenues of Mt Wilson. I did not get out to explore any, which means I'll be back!

 Oak trees at Mt Wilson

Gateway to one of the grand homes.

There's so much more to go back to see when the weather is better.
Have a good week, or the rest of your weekend!


  1. Had to go off and Google to locate Richmond - ah, now I know I have been there once or twice, had just forgotten. What a pretty place and that rainforest photo - gorgeous! They always look extra good in the rain. It must be a bit chilly if you are wearing boots - I don't even know where mine are! Cheers.

  2. Excellent shots! I love the oak and gum trees!

  3. "Nice" to see that is not always sunshine in Australia :-) - otherwise, lovely photos full of atmosphere.

    20 March 2017 at 08:35

  4. Thanks all.
    Patricia at Mt Wilson it was almost 10 degrees C cooler than when I got back to Sydney!
    Revrunner, yeah they're our distinctive tree, they're everywhere!
    James, Thank you, I'll be back to photograph the Oaks and Elms, it reminds me of England.
    Rune, even though it's sunny most of the time we have our share of extreme weather, floods, storms and cold snaps which always seem to get us by surprise!

  5. The rain in your photos makes beautiful photos.